Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Over Thanksgiving weekend we had dinner at some friends house & had a great time. They are the type of people I LOVE being around in hopes that their goodness will permeate me somewhat & I will somehow become more like them:) We skipped all the shopping on Black Friday which I think I will NEVER EVER do again. Stuff costs too much at regular price!!!! We left early Friday and headed to Omaha.

Ashlynn having a preschool Thanksgiving party.

On our way out the door to stake conference I was feeling overwhelmed & frankly NOT in the mood to go. I didn't want to be out in the hall with Ashlynn constantly & it just sounded like
A LOT of work. A few months ago I bought this reverence book & Ashlynn LOVES it. It has helped also as we talk during the week about how to behave in church. Well on the way out the door I had an idea take a string & fruit loops for Ashlynn to string. (I wonder where that thought came from:) It turned our BRILLIANT!!!! She literally put fruit loops on that string for the first hour & a half. So if you have a stake conference coming up remember your string & fruit loops:)
P.S. The meetings were wonderful & I left very happy that I was able to be apart of them!

Love the sweats with the shirt BUT I REALLY LOVE these BOYS:)

Bass pro shop is tons of fun this time of year. On the weekends it has lots of fun things going on Alyssa was such a big helper with Ashlynn writing a letter to Santa.
Loved the ones that adults left behind one the table kinda funny.

The gingerbread houses at the Mormon trail center I must say are AMAZING!!!!! LOVED this one it pulled at my heartstrings.

Britton loves having his picture taken. The other boys you don't see much that is because 1 they NEVER stop moving & 2 they HATE it:)

This is my friend Brenda & her 2 little girls. We met them at the zoo. I haven't seen her in about 20 years. We Loved getting to hang out with her and her family. Ashlynn loved having some little girls around.
At least we have 2 girls who will let me take pictures. Our boys are like
It was a great weekend. ALREADY Can't wait for Christmas break!

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