Thursday, December 8, 2011


The other night for Family Home Evening, I thought it would be fun to make the Nativity paper dolls I found on this website. The first 10 minutes were SUPER fun. The kids were smiling the atmosphere was happy. We were in what you would call a "LEAVE IT TO BEAVER" moment. A MOMENT is about all it lasted. So as kids are starting to get on each others nerves I'm thinking "LORI FIX THIS". Keep the moment. It was NOT to be:( I sent J.D. to the store to get treats. By the time he returns, 1/2 the kids have left and the other 1/2 are complaining they hate to color. I colored on a face as all the children laughed and ask where I received my skills :) Daxon fixed most the faces.He draws faces very well. Daxon also colored the manger & I must say he took great care in making sure it was JUST RIGHT. We called all the kiddos back to the kitchen to finish up the project & glue on all the final touches. It was fun but I think we will leave it for a more crafty family next time:)
Alyssa's favorite time of the evening
Alyssa-Mom what are you doing?
Mom-Coloring Christmas lights
Alyssa-Mom The Nativity did not have Christmas lights:)

SO we went to get a tree the other night. The kids are SO very excited. we get to the store & I don't really love any of the trees. I suggest we wait & go cut one down the next day. They are on a MISSION & want one TONIGHT!!!! SO we go to Lowes it is so dark we can't see them very well. This adventure that is suppose to be exciting & fun. Due to me wanting a tree that looks a certain way is turning out NOT SO FUN;(
Riley from the back of the car says, "YA know when I have kids I am going to make this fun... I am going to let my kids pick out WHATEVER tree they want & decorate it however they want." We went back to the first store they picked out the TALLEST tree they could find )that was the only criteria) :) and they were HAPPY as could be & we were on our way. Daxon did most the lights & the kids all loved just throwing ornaments wherever they wanted & Riley was right==it was the funnest we have ever had decorating a tree!

Sunday Entertainment
Sunday Ashlynn was so bored, as were the boys, so I decided to do the what I call "POOR MAN" gingerbread houses. It was great & no one seemed to care that it was whatever I could find in the cupboard & NOT candy. Ashlynn thought she was in HEAVEN. She actually made 2 of them. it kept her entertained for at least an hour & a half. I loved it because I didn't feel bad trowing it away the next day & I kinda don't love having the ones with candy lying around my house all season long cluttering up the place. I guess you could say it was a win win.

Love this BOOK

Checked this out at the library. If you haven't read it & want to laugh you should get it. It is ADORABLE & so funny yet thoughtful at the same time. LOVED IT!


  1. Lori, I love reading your blog and seeing what you are up to. I love how candid your kids are. Riley's "when I have kids..." was so funny! I hate how I sometimes get in the way of having fun. We miss you guys so much!

  2. growing up we always had a real tree. Thinking back, I think it made Christmas more real. the smell of the real tree. I am happy that you let the kids pick the tree they wanted. Sometimes letting go is totally worth it!!