Saturday, December 10, 2011


Every night before Ashlynn will go to sleep she Must here the "Temple song." Every Monday night she begs to sing the "Temple song." Around when Ashlynn turned 3 my sister Trisha was getting married in the Idaho Falls Temple. My sister Jana made Ashlynn an adorable little dress for her birthday she was so EXCITED to wear it & has called it her "Temple dress" since that day. Ashlynn LOVED waiting with TONS of family & friends for Trisha to come out of the Temple. She has had a LOVE for the Temple ever since that day. The other day when my visiting teacher brought her home from playing she mentioned how Ashlynn & Alexa were packing up & pretending to go to the Temple. I thought that was ADORABLE.
Ashlynn is always telling us how she just wants to go to the Temple so when I found this cute craft on this website I wanted to make it for her for Christmas. I think she will LOVE it. Thanks to my Awesome husband I was able to get the wood cut out & the picture on straight. I LOVE how willing he is to help me with all crazy projects I come up with:)

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  1. I love all your holiday pics. My kids probably wish they lived with you so they could do all the fun Christmas crafts and baking. YOu are the BOMB! I miss you all so much. We all loved your gift, so thank you. Have a wonderful Christmas break! Love, Rae