Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Britton has been asking for this Hedbanz game forever. On Christmas eve, as I was coming downstairs after putting Ashlynn to bed, this was the scene. I BURST OUT laughing:) It is kind of a silly/dumb game, but funny. The Hedbanz on everyone's heads are definitely good for a laugh.

This Christmas I did an AWFUL job taking pictures. Christmas morning I was just too involved with kids that the camera wasn't thought about. We did manage to snap a quick one as we were running (literally) out the door to church.

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is when we do the Nativity. We have this program written with the scriptures from Luke, with songs in between. The kids' choices of costumes this year cracked me up. The baby Jesus could use some work. Ashlynn felt her new LaLaLoopsy was a perfect choice however.

I especially LOVED when the ANGEL appeared to the shepherds & they were sore afraid.

One day, when Ashlynn came across the Bass Pro Shop add, this tent was in it. From that day on, she has been so happy that Santa was going to bring her THAT tent. I thought it was kind of a weird idea. Santa, however, listened to the child. Wise choice. SHE LOVES IT!!!! She wants to sleep in it every night & plays in it constantly.

This is the most amazing Christmas break. It has been near 50 degree temps almost everyday. It was warm enough the other day that Alyssa took Ashlynn to the park to play. The boys play football outside everyday. The boys are praying for snow. (Santa brought them snowboards. So snow would be useful). I however will take this weather any day. I am LOVING IT:)

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