Friday, December 16, 2011


Pretzel Making
This project is NOT so fun with a 3 year old--UNLESS, of course, you ask the 3 year old:) I guess in the grand scheme of things, that's what matters most anyways. I quickly realized that I was in WAY OVER my head with Ashlynn & SPRINKLES. I quickly put away the chocolate, sprinkles, & pretzels. I let Ashlynn dip a few pretzels and I then put it all away. Ashlynn was happy & I will be happy when I get to make them while she is sound in her bed:)



(They make us forget the stressful strain of the moment and remember the fairy tale:)
Luckily my mind works the same way LOL
SO on this day I truly complained. I was so bugged about cleaning the kitchen when I was cleaning it. (AJ did help, but her clean is a little different from mine :) I was bugged that we used 3 batches of ingredients to get 1 batch of cookies. I was irritated that my plans were put on hold for the evening because I had to help with this project that wasn't even mine. Yes, I sound like an AWFUL person. Then I look at these pictures a week later. By then, I have forgotten the stuff I wrote above and write what the pictures make me remember--I was not bugged at all...
I LOVE how this month is so full of baking & crafting. The other day, Alyssa's pregnant English teacher was craving sugar cookies. Being the gem she is, Alyssa decided to come home & make her those cookies. I had spent the day shining the kitchen and the real estate appraiser was coming, so I told her NO:( The next day she asked, can I make them today? I reluctantly said YES. You see, I have made sugar cookies many times. I know the MESS they make. I didn't want my kitchen messy so soon after I deep cleaned it.

After 2 batches of MESSED UP cookies, I decided I had better find out why her cookies were NOT turning out. I am still not sure. Perhaps it was some unseen force or freak of nature or bad karma- wanting to TOTALLY destroy my clean kitchen. I entered my now messy kitchen, looked at these 2 girls' happy faces, listened to the Christmas music in the background & HAPPILY helped put together a batch that worked. I also taught Alyssa a few tips on sugar cookie making. Then I just took in the moment.

I know these pictures probably all look the same to everyone except ME. I, however, love how involved each one is. I love the care Alyssa is putting into something she is doing for a pregnant teacher who is craving cookies. I Love the joy of the moment that is in Ashlynn's eyes.
The kitchen cleaned up quick enough-Truthfully the mess was so worth the captured moments (;
I love that Alyssa wanted to do cookies so I can check that off my Christmas to-do list early this month:) I Love the special feeling that feels the air with the magic of Christmas!

I have found this adorable Mac-n-Cheese only at Target--So worth a trip to the store, don't ya think?

Watchamacallit JARS

I LOVE this website. I had decided to do these jars just for fun. However, I could never find a convenient time to do them. I decided to make them a project for the younger kids to do while the older kids were gone. They LOVED it (the jars, not the kids being gone). I thought they did a pretty darn good job.

These are the finished products.
Peppermint krispies

That same day we became BORED yet again. So when the home teachers called to say they were coming the following day, we decided to make them a treat. I thought this
recipe looked pretty tasty. It's also a really easy, fun recipie to have the kids help with. (FYI... we kept getting bored due to the fact we were home without a car. J.D. was hunting. the other car was in the shop & it was freezing outside. We r not usually bored so often. It turned out to b a great day)

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