Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Our baby is officially 4 :( WHERE DOES THE TIME GO? She celebrated her birthday at school on Wednesday, then her official birthday on Saturday.

One of the HIGHLIGHTS of Ashlynn's birthday was definitely the package Grandpa sent.

I must say it was a BRILLIANT GIFT!!!! She has played with her little princess dolls NON-STOP. They are like a built in babysitter. Great job choosing Grandpa & Thank you. WE LOVE YOU & MISS YOU!!! xoxoxox

Ashlynn LOVES to bake. So I decided it would be fun to make her cake together. I was right--we had a great time making her little cake & decorating it. When we finished, she could NOT stop touching the cake so I put it (on a NEW adorable plastic tray in the oven) :( BAD IDEA!!! Later that evening as I became a little crazy, I turned the oven on, and the cake was forgotten about until Daxon yelled "MOM, YOU ARE BURNING THE PIZZA." To which I replied, "I am not cooking pizza." Then Daxon replied then why is all that smoke coming out of the oven? Only then did my CRAZY brain remember what was in the oven!!!!

Ashlynn is still saying, "MOM YOU MELTED MY CAKE." We could have just refrosted it, but it had a thin layer of saran wrap over it. We decided to just have a do-over.

I blog about Ashlynn often, but something I haven't ever added is how silly she is about mixing up her words. Here is a list of some of her favorites...
look its a birdplane=Airplane
Whenever her PJs, or something she wants to wear, are in the wash, she gets this sad face & says OH they are in the DISHWASHER:)
-I have a contest=concert

MR= Sister at church & other places she can often be heard calling all the women MR. then whatever their last name is.

The Entrians are coming over=missionaries

- Can we go rolling?=bowling

-I love tomatoes for dinner=potatoes

Ashlynn does so many things everyday to make this family smile. She is so full of life & energy and blesses our lives every single day:)

P.S. She doesn't use these words because we haven't taught her the correct ones, we have. She just speaks a four year-old brand of English.

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  1. happy belated birthday to ashlynn!! Love her vocabulary!!