Monday, January 2, 2012


New Years Eve was so much fun this year. Once again, I did the same thing as on Christmas Day--didn't take enough pictures. The day started out with J.D. taking the kids sledding at Sleepy Hollow Sports Park. I NEVER thought I would see the day I would pay to go sledding, but when you live in Iowa, hills are limited (as is snow this year). Sleepy Hollow makes their own snow & has a machine that pulls you & your tube back up the hill so you don't have to walk. Alyssa actually decided sledding this style wasn't so bad:) Ashlynn couldn't go because she isn't 4 yet. I think she would love it, so it might have to be a birthday event since her birthday falls on the great day of SATURDAY this year. When the Kiddos arrived home, they were starving. We had sloppy joes & french fries--always a fast/easy/filling meal. In the evening, we went to some friends for a party & had a great time. Great company, wonderful food, tons of kids (that was a favorite part). I love the laughter & excitement of kiddos at parties.

We played a game where you take a present then pass the presents. You can either open one or take one that someone else has already opened. It was really fun. I got the TAKE 5, LOVE them. The kids all loved it & had a great time.

Ashlynn got these nutty bars. She sat to eat them and dipped them in chocolate. A very healthy snack. She only ate 2 bites so it wasn't to bad:)

After we came home the kids were super happy that Alyssa's friends left JUST DANCE 3 at the house. We have JUST DANCE 2, but I guess it's just not nearly as cool. We played it for awhile. It took some convincing to get Britton to take a turn, but once he did he was hooked:)

We ended up playing POWER RANGERS over & over because Ashlynn thought it was AWESOME!!! We played games and had a great night. I am really looking forward to this year & I am optimistic that it will be full of my many new goals reached & happy times:)

videoAs you will clearly see we are not going to win any dancing awards. Ry is just being goofy but hey, it was our first time trying out the Just dance 3 game. My first goal of the year is going to be "GET 3 stars on Just dance 2." (I'll start with a fun goal this year & maybe it will help me get motivated for the hard goals LOL.)

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