Wednesday, January 25, 2012


The other day as I was getting ready to go do Ashlynn's hair, she insisted that she was plenty capable & could do it herself. I reply, "Ashlynn, your hair is all TANGLED, you have school, and I am doing your hair today." She went ballistic. So I reply, "whatever, go do your hair." She came back down stairs a few minutes later with the BIGGEST grin you have ever seen. "WOW, you did your hair," I said. She replied, "YEP, I combed it with my toothbrush & got all the bugs out." I laughed all day. We always say lets brush your teeth & get the bugs out. But your HAIR? It was a great moment:)


For Alyssa's art project, she choose to do a Tangled castle. The work that girl went through putting it together was INSANE. The first night she brought home all these pieces and it didn't look too much like the Tangled castle. She became upset, took it too school the next day & worked on it some more there. Then she brought it home and worked on it some more. She ended up with this masterpiece. I was impressed!!! I thought she did an amazing job. It was even put in the art display case at school.

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  1. I love Ashlynn! That is so funny. and I love Alyssa's castle. very cool! Love, Rae