Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Britton recently had his choir concert. As elementary concerts always are, it was ADORABLE!!! I love LOVE elementary concerts. The kids are so full of enthusiasm & excitement. Britton was overly happy to be having a concert. That kid is so full of life for anything he is doing (except bedtime and math:). He LOVES people and enjoys just being in the moment.

Friday, February 17, 2012


For the past 6 weeks, Daxon has been staying after school practicing for a melodrama. He has had so much fun taking part in this play. One of the added benefits of the schools here in Iowa is that they have great programs for children to participate in whatever the interest may be.

He played the part of Pierre le Deaux Deaux, the main man in charge of the french trappers. I had never witnessed Daxon in this kind of a setting. In fact, when he told me he wanted to participate I was a little surprised. Acting? Okay! He was AWESOME!!!!!

It was so much fun to see his personality come out this way. The other night as we all went to the show as a family, our hearts were racing for him. He acted as if he had NO FEAR. He was so funny. It was so much fun to watch him. The entire cast was adorable. What a great age. Man, the youth of today are so great. I really am amazed by what they are able to accomplish. They get up early, go to school all day, get good grades, participate in all kinds of activities, do jobs at home, and just keep going with big smiles--like energizer bunnies, they keep going and going. AMAZING-They are AMAZING!!!!!!

Truthfully, before the show Jers, and I were FREAKING OUT!!!! HOW are we going to make it through the whole thing with little miss Ashlynn. Sitting still isn't her idea of a great time. We had Britton's concert from 6:30 -7, (I will post more on that later. Elementary concerts are always so adorable. LOVE THEM:), then Daxon's show from 7:15 -9. We brilliantly downloaded Dora the Explorer from I-tunes. That with the play, kept her in her chair still for the almost 3 hours. HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY. We didn't have to take her out or bug the peeps around us. Sometimes technology is such a wonderful thing:)

It was a great night. Daxon is already saying how excited he is for the next play. What a fun night.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Yesterday Ry told us he was student of the week. We congratulated him told him that was neat and that we were proud of him. As I was checking my e-mail this morning this was what I found.

My name is Clay Young, I am the assistant principal at South Middle School. I have recently asked the different teams in the building to send me the name of a student they are really proud of and think deserves some recognition. Riley's name was sent to me by the teachers for demonstrating a great attitude and positive work ethic!
Congrats on the great work and thanks for being a good role model!!!
Thank you for all your support!

He is the same at home. I am amazed at his peacemaking skills in the home. He is often the one teaching me:) He is so blessed to be surrounded with great friends. I thank HEAVEN for that gift everyday!!!

Thanks RY for being such a great kid I feel so blessed to be your MOM:)