Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Yesterday Ry told us he was student of the week. We congratulated him told him that was neat and that we were proud of him. As I was checking my e-mail this morning this was what I found.

My name is Clay Young, I am the assistant principal at South Middle School. I have recently asked the different teams in the building to send me the name of a student they are really proud of and think deserves some recognition. Riley's name was sent to me by the teachers for demonstrating a great attitude and positive work ethic!
Congrats on the great work and thanks for being a good role model!!!
Thank you for all your support!

He is the same at home. I am amazed at his peacemaking skills in the home. He is often the one teaching me:) He is so blessed to be surrounded with great friends. I thank HEAVEN for that gift everyday!!!

Thanks RY for being such a great kid I feel so blessed to be your MOM:)

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  1. like this!! good to hear from other sources that your kids are great kids!!