Sunday, March 11, 2012


 Ashlynn LOVES PINKALICIOUS!!!  I LOVE PINKALICIOUS!!!  We read any and all books that have the color PINK on them--SPARKLES, PRINCESS, etc.  The other day we decorated a little, made a few pinkalicious cupcakes, made some pinkalicious crafts, played PINKO and painted our nails pink with sparkles.

During the week I found this TOTALLY PINKALICIOUS  necklace idea on this(  -super cute website.   It was SUPER fun to make.


 I found this adorable game on the internet as well.  I would LOVE to give credit where credit is due, but I have NO idea where I found it:)

 One of Ashlynn's favorite games is PINKALICIOUS UNO.  We play it over & over.  The library just got in the cutest new Pinkalicious book.  It comes with the c.d. and is called "THE PRINCESS of PINK TREASURY."  ADORABLE, I must say.
We made cupcakes in the evening and bought all the treasures to decorate them.  I told Ashlynn she could help me decorate them if she went straight to bed.
SHE DID.........

 However she woke up at 4:30 A.M. BEGGING to put cherries on the cupcakes.  LUCKILY, I had most of them already done and she was happy to just do the other ones.  The kiddos, even the boys, were excited to eat them for breakfast.  YA.  I'm one of those healthy MOM'S.  They have eggs and flour in them, and if I send them to school with the red 40 dye in their systems, the teachers can handle the behavior and hopefully they will be calmed down by the time I get them back.  LOL:)
(P.s. we also had pink berry bagels with strawberry cream cheese;  not just cupcakes:)

                  PINK IS BEAUTIFUL
  "The very pink is perfection."-Oliver Goldsmith


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