Friday, March 9, 2012


 I LOVE how she LOVES girly things.  Anything with glitter or diamonds she loves.

 The other day I walked into the bathroom to find these little notes next to the toothbrushes.  Alyssa has written one for each of her siblings--even ASHLYNN, who doesn't read.  I thought that was so sweet of her.  I mean, what teenage kid does that?
 Before Christmas I had to do some last minute shopping.  I asked Alyssa if she would hang out with Ashlynn in the play-land for a few minutes.  She happily agreed.  After 15 minutes I could not find what I needed.  I went to the play-land to find Alyssa and Ashlynn nowhere.  I called Alyssa and she did not answer.  Well it's Christmas and I'M ON A SCHEDULE!!!  I searched everywhere I can think of and cannot find them.  FINALLY she returned my call.  I reprimand her the ENTIRE way home. I explained that it shouldn't be that hard to stay in the play-land for 10 seconds with her little sister.  But no, she has to go do her own thing.  She said nothing except "I'm sorry." On Christmas Eve she gave me this purse.  I HAVE WANTED A NEW ONE FOREVER AND SHE KNEW IT!!!  She said, "Merry Christmas."  I said "OH my, this is where you were that day isn't it?"  Yes, was her reply.  AT that moment, I feel like the worst, yet LUCKIEST mother in the entire universe.
 Alyssa LOVES music.  She loves it with all her soul.  I wish I could put her in every music class, voice lesson, piano lesson she ever dreamed of.  She never complains that I cannot.  She just improvises with what she has. Plays piano for hours on end as she teaches herself with the few lessons she has had.  She loves being in whatever choir she is in. She loves whatever musical part of the play she is in.  She is a spoon and a village extra in Beauty and the Beast right now. Our whole family if super excited to go.
 I love how excited Alyssa gets to go babysitting.  She is always excited to put together projects and activities for the kiddos.
She wants to be a photographer when she grows up so she is always dressing up Ashlynn and taking her on little photo shoots.  Ashlynn loves it.  She is just a great kid.  She brings lots of DRAMA, THOUGHTFULNESS, EMOTION, PERSONALITY, TENDERNESS, MUSIC, SINGING, MORE MUSIC and LOVE to our home.

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  1. this is an awesome post! I hope my girls are as loving and caring to each other one day as Alyssa is!!