Tuesday, April 10, 2012


 It was career day at school and Britton wanted to be a businessman.  That was UNTIL  his friend came over  who he walks to school with in the morning.  He was then reminded of the spy watch he received for his birthday.  Britton then decided an undercover agent was much cooler.   He said it didn't go over real big at school:( Everyone else was famous sport stars.  I told him not to worry I thought he was WAY COOL and HANDSOME!!!!  Being that I am his mom he found so much comfort in that:)


I LOVE this website.  Since Brittons birthday was on General conference Sunday I thought a few fun cake treats in between sessions would be kinda fun.  We had peas & carrot cupcakes, mashed potatoes and gravy.
 Grilled cheese sandwiches.  I thought these looked especially realistic.

 They were so easy to make.  We could not eat these.  Angel food cake is NOT good with frosting!!!
But they look cute:)
This was the peas and carrots AFTER I forgot they were in the oven.  I do this all the time. Truly I need a new hideout.

Plus,  I think Britton will make a great undercover agent someday.  He was not fooled by any of it:)

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  1. You always do fun things for your fam! I love the April Fools Foods. Very clever! and tell Britton that a secret agent is the coolest! love your pics and posts! Love, Rae