Monday, April 23, 2012


TOTAL picture overload!!!!!!
My boys are not in the Easter dressed-up pictures due to the fact that they had  play clothes on the second we walked in from church.
On Saturday we had fun at a friend's house.  The kids ran around crazy, had an Easter egg hunt and a fun meal.   We were so EXCITED to get together with others.  We really miss family on holidays.
Being part of such a GREAT ward family makes it so much easier.

Trampolines are the BEST!!!!  I guess if I were a doctor and was privileged:( to see all the crazy things that happened to kids on them I may not be such a fan.  As it is, I grew up with one, tons of kids on it, we are all fine and I love them.  Kids love them!  They are great for a good time.
 Ashlynn and I had a great time making these fun little treats.

Easter Egg hunts are something these 2 are a huge fan of.

I LOVE EASTER.  I Love how the Savior's Resurrection symbolizes a rebirth. I am so thankful that the Savior would make it possible for us to be forgiven when we are human.  Repent and in a way have a re-birth.   I am so thankful for the reminder it gives us;  a sure knowledge that we will live again.  It makes me feel so thankful that someday I will be blessed to live with my loved ones again.  I know and appreciate DEEPLY  this part of Easter.  I find joy in spending the week before Easter having evening activities & devotionals on the week leading up to the Saviors crucifixion
 from this wonderful book.
I LOVE LOVE  Easter baskets.  I LOVE shopping,  I mean helping the bunny put them out the night before.  I LOVE the treats that go inside the basket.  I love the little toys that are so simple that kids get so excited about.  The bunny left a basketball this year due to the fact that Brittons parents drove over his NEW one a few days before:)  I also LOVE the little books about Jesus and other gospel stuff.  I remember some of my MOST FAVORITE memories of Easter was Egg hunts out at Stuart and Cindy's-and real baby chicks.  I LOVED the year the bunny left the book "I wonder when he comes again", a few other church books and homemade coconut nests.  Man, the Bunny who came to my house was so AMAZING!!!!

I LOVE all the little kiddos at church being all dressed up.
I LOVE that this year Ashlynn got to wear the dress her Grandma Jo made for Alyssa when she was little.  It made me smile all day.  I have to admit it made me a little teary eyed at times as well.
I LOVE that this year was nice enough to have a picnic outside.
I LOVE how I still have ONE little enough to still enjoy dumping out ALL her little treasures to see what they are for the thousandth time:)
I LOVE that no matter what age my kids are they LOVE egg hunts.

I LOVE how Alyssa has her scriptures next to her in this picture.  She is such a good girl. We are not sure how we got so blessed.  She ALWAYS wants to do the right thing- usually to the point that she gets after her parents if she thinks they are not:)

She recently earned her Young Women Medallion.  This was really a neat thing for her to receive at 15 years old.  I feel so blessed by the decisions she makes every day.

 BACK to the EGG HUNTING... I notice that the older the boys get, they enjoy the Easter egg hunt  MORE or LESS depending on the amount of money I put in the eggs:)
But I figure that's a good thing.  It's never to early to be money conscience:)


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