Tuesday, April 10, 2012


 Britton came walking in from the mail box about 4 days BEFORE his birthday.  He was completely distraught at the fact that he had NO birthday mail.  I said Britton, you probably won't get much mail.  People will just maybe call on your birthday.
 The following day GRANDPA came to his rescue.
 His friends were so excited for him as they all gathered around the AWESOME letter he received.  It was so fun to watch them all be so excited together.
 Britton has listened to his shuffle non-stop!!!!! I think the friends thought the letter with pictures from Grandpa was the coolest gift EVER.  They enjoyed the jelly beans as well:)

 Britton wanted to go with a friend to see Journey 2, then go to dinner with a friend for his birthday.  That sounded easy enough!  Jers took him to that before his birthday since his birthday was on Sunday this year.
Britton is such a great kid.  Full of life and fun .  He Hates to go shopping and run errands.   As long as he can stay home, play with friends, run the neighborhood and be a free spirit he's a happy kid:)

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