Friday, April 27, 2012


The family has been so excited for the Kansas City Temple Open House.  On the way down we decided to make a few extra stops at some church-history sites along the way.  This was our first stop.  Although not much was there, we loved getting to enjoy the atmosphere of this place.

This grove of trees is the type I would envision Joseph Smith praying in.
I really loved all the different rocks that were in this area.

The scenery was beautiful.

The Temple was so neat.  Ashlynn was so excited to go inside the Temple.  She has ALWAYS had a thing with Temples.  Her excitement as we walked through the front doors was so adorable. My emotions almost got the better of me.  The lady giving our tour bore her testimony of her gratitude for Temples and eternal families (at the end of the tour) .  She mentioned how she had recently lost a little girl and was so thankful to know she will live again with her someday.  It was really a neat experience.

We stopped inIndependence also.  I was surprised how long we stayed here.  In the basement  was a fun little activity area.  The part we enjoyed the most was the family video.  IT WAS SO INSPIRING!!!  I knew as we were watching it that all my children could feel the spirit.  It definitely made me think about some things I need to work on as a mother also. 

Then it was headed home.  I am sooooo cheap when it comes to buying food.  I had made food for the ride down and we forgot it ,so we already had to stop one time more than I wanted.  We stopped at Wendy's.  As we were ordering I am sure the people inside thought are these people for real????  A kid would yell from the background I would yell back "NO YOU CAN'T have pop."  Another kid would yell "I WANT."  I would yell "That's not from the 99 cent menu."  YA I'm that cheap.  Then Jers asks what do you want?  I reply I will wait to eat till later.  They hand us our food and the bag is LOADED with FRIES.  Plus the kids fries are larger than the ones we ordered.  To top it off they also added an EXTRA sandwich.  LAME!!!!  But LUCKY.  I gobbled that thing down so fast because I was starving. But here is the thing.  10 minutes later we stop at Baskin Robbins for ice cream.   I have Alyssa order this IN-SANELY huge thing for her and I to eat.  It had 3 different flavors in the one we shared.  I thought nothing of us spending more money on ice cream than dinner.  ISSUES.  I have ISSUES.  A girl knows her priorities and when I decide to eat bad, ice cream is a delicious part of those issues:)  It was a wonderful day.


  1. Love the story about food. you are so funny. I would agree that the spirit at Adam-ondi-Ahman is very similar to the one in the sacred grove.

  2. Sounds like so much fun! (And I am the same way. I can pack sandwiches. I want to spend money on treats!!!) Also, you guys should head over this way this summer and see Kirtland, the Hill Cumorah pageant and the sacred grove. Then you could come visit us and go down to the Joseph Smith Birthplace. Then I think you will have hit all the church history sites. And you'll get to see us!!!