Sunday, April 8, 2012


 Taking pictures of course.  
 I fought with these wonderful boys for days.  Move the trampoline, I would say.  That is NOT safe. 
 ( I never mentioned when I was young that my brothers jumped off the house onto the trampoline)   After much threatening and not winning, I decided "What the heck--if ya can't win them JOIN THEM!!!"
 So, with the FLAT STANLEY that came in the mail from the cousin in Idaho we decided to get some fun pictures.
 I let them jump until their little hearts were content.  That night I DID NOT SLEEP!!!
 I had nightmares all night.  Terrible things happened to my little kiddos.  I woke in a panic telling J.D. only CRaZy parents would allow such behaviors.  They could break their necks or worse.  We were going to be moving the trampoline and under NO circumstance was it to be put over by the swing-set AGAIN!!!!
We shall see :)

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  1. Love this post. I love that I found your blog too. So glad you documented this to show your grandchildren :)