Friday, July 20, 2012


 Daxon received the priesthood a few weeks ago.  It was such a great day.  His Grandpa Phippen came out man, that made us all happy:)

Jers made hot wings,  it was Fathers day. Daxon's MOM messed up BIG time.  YOU know those days when your brain just does not think properly?  I have them often.  Jers leaves to church early as he always does.  I for some odd reason  look at the clock and think "WOW" I still have such a long time before church.  I get Ashlynn & I ready, I read a few books to her since I do not want to be too  early with her.  She can be crazy at church.  Well 9 rolls around I decide to run off a few number things for her to do more or less just wasting time. I get to church 15 minutes early to find the chapel doors shut!!!!  I ask the Bishop from the other ward who walked in behind me whats going on?  He replies well it's probably the sacrament, church started at 9.  I have been going at 9 since January!!!!  Church NEVER starts on the half hour I am not sure where my brain was but it was messed up!!!!!  They had already called Daxon up,  I wanted to cry my eyes out.  It was a failure moment as a mom for sure.   Good thing he is such a forgiving kid. 
  This Athletic thing has been sitting in our garage for over 2 years.  We lost the instructions for it and when I ask Daxon to put it together after we returned from Idaho 2 1/2 years ago he tried but could not figure it out.  Due to the fact that this boy becomes more brilliant daily figuring out how to put things together I decided to try and let him try again.  His MOM does not have ANY skills in this department:)  His father is Brilliant at it however this was NOT on the priority list:) I was so HAPPY that he was able to accomplish this task.  I now have somewhere to put all the balls, bats, racquets.  I should go take a picture of the finished project just to show how wonderful it is.  MAN I LOVE THIS KID,  HE IS BRILLIANT!!!!
 A little theater in town was playing  PINKALICIOUS.   Alyssa, Ashlynn & I dressed up in PINK and went to the musical.  Before the play we ate at panera YUMOOO.  We ate outside,  Ashlynn was adorable as she watched the little birds and talked to them:)

 My sister Trisha made this adorable little skirt for Ashlynn.  I love it.
She is so talented.

This picture just makes me laugh.  I remember being young and drinking out of the hose.
Daxon with his daily kum n go drink
The other day as we were making lunch Ashlynn decides she wants to make her own sandwich.
Alyssa thought this was adorable.  I thought it was a waste of food and a huge mess:)  Still it kept her entertained for awhile.
For  Fathers day I found the funnest website website. 
J.D.S Dad was visiting so I decided to use some of her cute ideas.  First one... BACON CUPCAKES.  YUCK!!!!!!

Jers is always going on & on about the fair & chocolate covered bacon & other disgusting bacon items so I thought what the heck, I'll try them.  NOT A HIT!!!!   Britton & Ashlynn loved the frosting:)  I can't say 1 way or the other.  I could not bring myself to even try them.
I did however LOVE her cutouts and other ideas.  MORE I LOVED having his dad visit as we all did.  We miss him.

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