Friday, September 21, 2012


 Ashlynn started her 1st day of her LAST year of preschool!!!!  How crazy is that.
 Britton is loving 4th grade.  We had some new neighbors move in 6 weeks ago.  They had a girl Brittons age, they quickly became great friends.  We walked to school together every day.   It was wonderful having them around.  They moved to Michigan this week and it was TRULY a sad day at the Phippens.
Alyssa is loving life as always, full of energy and ready to conquer the world as long as she doesn't have to speak Spanish to do it:)  Show choir she loves..Spanish not so much.
Daxon is just happy as always.  Hanging out with friends and beyond excited to go hunting with Dad this weekend.
Riley is BUSY BUSY!!!!!  I never see this kid.  This is a sad thing because he is such a pleasant kid.  He loves football and although he is small, the kid has NO FEAR.  He had an E.R. visit this week.  During practice his ankle popped.  It was sprained pretty badly.  They gave him some crutches and a boot thing.  He is hoping to heal quickly so he can get back in the game.  If he isn't at football he's running around at the park with friends playing volleyball, disc golf or more football.  This is really going to cramp his style.
Ashlynn had all her preschool checkups.  The dentist showed 1 little cavity on the front tooth that with not even need a shot:)
The well check up showed me Ashlynn may be a doctor in the future. As they cut off her wart, before freezing it she wanted to be right where the action was.  She would have cut it for them it they would have let her.  As they came in with 4 needles to give her shots she would not lay back.  She wanted to watch, know what, why, and how of what was going on.  No tears just tough as could be. I  however had to look away:)
I want to be brave and cut my hair like this

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  1. Lori, your kids are getting so big! It makes me a little sad that it has been so long since I have seen all of you! Maybe we'll be in Iowa for residency?