Wednesday, September 26, 2012


 J.D. took the boys hunting this last weekend.  Riley was OVERLY happy to shoot a deer just before dark. 

 Daxon was so excited for his brother.   He was a little disappointed to have not gotten one of his own, but he is sure a huge buck is waiting for him in the December hunt:)

I am aware that these pictures may seem a little in humane.  I think the boys had as much fun butchering this thing as they did hunting it.  SO WEIRD!!!!!  It is a win win.  I quit buying red meat a few years ago and they are always begging for it.  I don't like to eat red meat plus I worry about all the chemicals in the red meat at the store.    Now they get their Sunday roast!   I don't have to buy it and we are all happy:) 

Ashlynn is not in any of these pictures but she kept running outside and asking how the reindeer was coming?  It was pretty funny:)

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