Wednesday, October 31, 2012

You might be a redneck:)

We have all been laughing this week about these few things...

 This is the AWESOME picture Alyssa's brothers strategically  placed for her to see as she closed her eyes to go to sleep one night.  She was NOT impressed.  The rest of us laughed pretty hard:)

Ashlynn makes us laugh
Alyssa & Riley listens to Jeff Foxworthy,  redneck jokes on the way home from seminary.  They think Ashlynn's words need to be sent in.
If your 4 year old says she can't wait to go to the fish & gun store (meaning Bass pro shop) to see Santa instead of the mall.  You might be a redneck:).

Her newest thought that she likes to remind us all of daily is "I did like broccoli when I was little, but now I don't."

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


 I have a mind that never stops, if it is not listening to talks on cd or something it can be very destructive/crAzY at times:)  The last few nights,  I wake up in the middle of the night and off it goes, as I have tried to keep it towards thinking POSITIVE. Help it not worry about things.. (important things such as,  I wonder if when I went to the dentist yesterday he accidentally or purposely would have done something to make my teeth start going crooked again. Maybe he would have made it so I would need more dental work, my jaw hurts really bad.  If I don't do A today with my kids,  will that cause them to not want to do B when they grow up, then it will be because of me, sounds reasonable RIGHT? Like I said destructive kinda CraZy :) Anyways,  I have had this recurring thought.

  It comes from a movie I have not seen in years but love very much.  The line that keeps popping into my head is from Mary Poppins. She is talking to Jane and Michale about the outing with good old DAD,  she says, "sometimes the person we love through no fault of his own cant see past the end of his nose."  Jane replies,  Past the end of his nose.  Mary replies,  Sometimes a little thing can be quite important.

Why would I keep having this thought?  The first few days I was unsure.  However a few days after having it numerous times I was putting on earrings when I had a thought "LOOK UP."  I did and this quote was on my dresser from December 2011.  I'm pretty sure that's the last time I read it.

IT READS  "For if there is sin against life, it consists perhaps not so much in despairing of life as in hoping for another life and in eluding the implacable  grandeur of this life.
Robert Camus

I sometimes forget to look past the end of my own nose. I see the work of the moment instead of the  IMPLACABLE GRANDEUR of this MOMENT, this season, this time of life. 

During this same wake up call week as I was hoping by some miracle the dishes would be done when I went downstairs and perhaps instead of being thankful for a working Husband, I may have been being a little annoyed that J.D. would be late yet again due to a guard meeting.    This song came on.  The weird thing about this is Alyssa LOVES the guy who sings this song and listens to his CD often.  I however had never noticed the words until that moment.  It was the perfect words that I needed to listen to at that moment.

May my eyes be FOCUSED well enough to see past the end of my own nose.  May I remember that those little moments that seem monotonous at times really can be quite important in the eyes of my husband and children..  May I notice ALWAYS the IMPLACABLE GRANDEUR of this life God has given to me dirty dishes and all:)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


As the kiddos were all hanging out the other day J.D. realized we had 2 sets of twins in the house.  We decided that must mean you will have good luck or something.  Britton sure did think so.

Can I just say I LOVE having ASHLYNN home!!!  I love going to the science center with her.  Everything is so fun and exciting when you are her age.  The girl just has so much energy and love for everything in life.   I want to be just like her  when I grow Up.  Okay she could be more quiet and calm in church. She will be someday I am sure:).  When she freaks out about the littlest thing or gets excited over everything J.D. and I just look at each other Shake our head and repeat the line from the sound of music ."Oh she's alright captain, She's just happy!"

I love going with her and other little friends to Wednesday 50 cent off Happy Meal day before heading over to preschool:).
I Love how she Loves McDonalds & I have to say, I kinda love the southwestern grilled chicken salad they have myself.


I LOVE this zoo!!! Not because it's all that cool but,  I love that it is open year round.  My other kids are really starting to fight me on going to the zoo.  I LOVE the zoo as does Ashlynn so its where we go to hang out. Hey we have a pass.  It's cheap entertainment.  Plus we ALWAYS feel right at home when we r at the zoo.  LOL:)


The other day Ashlynn and I were drawing Halloween pictures.  We have some great talent around here as you see:).  Before school she was make believe playing with her projects from school and the Halloween picture.   After school she hands me an envelope with this cute little letter in it.:)
The first picture I drew with a black cat, bats a moon, pumpkin and ghosts has not been seen since the day I received this sweet letter.  HUMMM I wonder where it is?  I wonder if the teacher really thinks I made it for her?  I wonder if she thinks Ashlynns Mom is a little crazy?  Okay that goes without saying,  but anyway it made me laugh! 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What to do with that rhubarb & muffins w/ mom

 I love how Ashlynn is all about rainbows right now.  She writes her name rainbow and the other day at preschool activity her special picture she said had to be a dog or rainbow.  I voted rainbow.
wake up a sluggish belly
 Ashlynn & I decided to make some healthy muffins the other day.
 The muffins didn't turn out great.  Kinda dry. The dough was so thick, I decided to pour 1/2 in a bread pan  the kids loved it:)  Why these muffins r so good for you, ground flaxseed contain prebiotics, unique fibers that fuel the growth of probiotics, greek yogurt boasts more probiotics(gut friendly bacteria) than regular yogurt.3 strawberriespromote digestion and healthy bowel movements with insoluble fiber.  TMI

With that info whats not to LOVE right?:)  Rileys guts were bothering him for a week after he ate these.  coincidence  or not???? HUM:)  I kept telling him it was just his belly trying to wake up LOL:) 

They didn't bother the rest of us we loved them.  If you want the recipe it can be found in the august 2011 magazine or I can give it to you.

(May not wake up your belly but it will make your taste buds smile:)
 I needed to come up with a quick dessert.  I had rhubarb I came across this recipe.  My first thought was yuck!!!!  Because of time I decided to try it.  YUMMYYYYYYY!!!!!!  It was so tasty.
all you do is cover the bottom of a cake pan with rhubarb
sprinkle with 1 pkg strawberry jello, 1 cup sugar, 3 cups marshmallows.  I know kinda weird.  you should try it:)  make a white cake mix pour it over.  Bake 350 40 min or so.   I poured it out then decided that didn't look so great.  I put it back in the pan and covered it with whipping cream.
Now that looks tasty:)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


 General Conference is a time I usually buy lots of treats, copy tons of activities from the internet and just go all out!!!!  This year it kinda just showed up.  I decided they could just listen, then take care of entertainment how ever they decided to do so.:)  It involved fort building & coloring.
 Session 3 it involved barbie dolls.  
The boys only played to make ASHLYNN HAPPY!!!

 The boys were NOT happy at FIRST.  They did NOT want to eat these.  I told them they could eat them or starve.  They protested that eating turkey wrapped in lettuce they just might starve even if they did eat them.    They ate them and LOVED THEM!!!!  They really were delicious!!!

 4 oz turkey, 1/2 cup mushrooms chopped, 1 tsp garlic, 1/2 cup shelled and cooked edamame, 2 boston lettuce leaves, 2 tbsp scallions
Sauce- 1/2 Tbsp hoisin sauce, 1 tsp low sodium soy sauce, 1/2 tsp rice vinegar sauce
once I finished the sauce I thought it was awful. I think the hoisin sauce would take some getting use to.  I looked up PF changs sauce recipe on line and added the ingredients from it to mine.  It was DIVINE!!!

We have a tradition of eating delicious cinnamon rolls during conference.  I am trying to re- lose some weight I gained(story of my life:) so I told them this year we are NOT having them.   I GAVE IN!!

Riley is my little chef!!!  The boy loves to cook so I told them they could continue in our yearly tradition of having cinnamon rolls if they made them and cleaned them up.
 I LOVE how Daxon is watching Ry for Guidance in this picture

 They did an awesome  job as you can see!!!   I was way impressed:)
 By the last session all heck broke loose in this house!!! To say the least.  It was time to tell the kids to go play.  Otherwise someone was surly going to die:).

That evening we had some friends over to roast marshmallows and help us eat cinnamon rolls.
Luckily that means the cinnamon rolls are gone so I won't be tempted to eat them when all the kids leave to school:0

Alyssa had a choir concert during the day on Sunday and spent most the day pinning her dress and getting ready.  The dynamics of girls and boys is so so different.  It's crazy how they entertain themselves so differently.  During conference we have the boys fighting , teasing, laughing, just goofing off and being kinda silly about everything.(maybe it's just my boys.  I don't know.)  Okay to be fair they were very well behaved when we threatened them,  for a few minutes.:)  Then we have Alyssa. She is telling everyone to be quiet.  She is trying to take notes and listen to what is actually being said.  It's crazy.:)
 Hope everyone had a great Conference weekend!!!  

Monday, October 1, 2012


LOVE LOVE this place!!!!! 
Just being here puts you in the mood for FALL.  The Go carts are always a favorite.  We LOVE that they always have so many that you never really have to wait.
I know these don't really fit in right here but can I just say the new candy corn M&Ms are DIVINE!!!  If you have not tried them well you are REALLY missing out:

FYI, any picture where all of my children are together was not by choice.  That is why they are far and few between.  It almost involves blood!!!!  I'm not kidding. It does involve some tears;(  But hey just for the picture sake don't they look happy to be holding hands.  You would think they were being very loving right.  We will go with that idea:)
Ashlynn was in HEAVEN here. She LOVED the corn maze.  The corn pit we could not get her or Britton out of.  We would go to something else and they would want to return to the corn pit. By the time we left they were covered in white dust from it.

Another forced picture by mom.  They will thank me some day:)  Okay really it's only the boys who complain about pictures the girls are happy to take them whenever I ask.
Our family Loves the randomness of this place. Like a tire swing just out at the edge of the yard to swing on.
We are lame and would NOT PONY up the money LOL for the pony rides.  Ashlynn didn't seem to care because we stuck her on one of the resting ones and it made her happy.

I love it when I sneak a picture of Britton looking all sweet.  He is by far my most "I am not taking a picture kid."   

Here we have Daxon & Riley starting to get bored, so they are kicking the crap out of each other on the tire swing.
Here they say they are bored but they look like they are having pretty darn fun to me:)
Howells has a new MUD PIE section.  MESSY!!!!

The kids LOVED it!

The dirt is flour, sand is marked sugar, rocks are chocolate chips, wood chips are oatmeal.  Its pretty cute and pretty MESSY:)

WONDERFUL place to start into FALL!