Tuesday, October 9, 2012


 General Conference is a time I usually buy lots of treats, copy tons of activities from the internet and just go all out!!!!  This year it kinda just showed up.  I decided they could just listen, then take care of entertainment how ever they decided to do so.:)  It involved fort building & coloring.
 Session 3 it involved barbie dolls.  
The boys only played to make ASHLYNN HAPPY!!!

 The boys were NOT happy at FIRST.  They did NOT want to eat these.  I told them they could eat them or starve.  They protested that eating turkey wrapped in lettuce they just might starve even if they did eat them.    They ate them and LOVED THEM!!!!  They really were delicious!!!

 4 oz turkey, 1/2 cup mushrooms chopped, 1 tsp garlic, 1/2 cup shelled and cooked edamame, 2 boston lettuce leaves, 2 tbsp scallions
Sauce- 1/2 Tbsp hoisin sauce, 1 tsp low sodium soy sauce, 1/2 tsp rice vinegar sauce
once I finished the sauce I thought it was awful. I think the hoisin sauce would take some getting use to.  I looked up PF changs sauce recipe on line and added the ingredients from it to mine.  It was DIVINE!!!

We have a tradition of eating delicious cinnamon rolls during conference.  I am trying to re- lose some weight I gained(story of my life:) so I told them this year we are NOT having them.   I GAVE IN!!

Riley is my little chef!!!  The boy loves to cook so I told them they could continue in our yearly tradition of having cinnamon rolls if they made them and cleaned them up.
 I LOVE how Daxon is watching Ry for Guidance in this picture

 They did an awesome  job as you can see!!!   I was way impressed:)
 By the last session all heck broke loose in this house!!! To say the least.  It was time to tell the kids to go play.  Otherwise someone was surly going to die:).

That evening we had some friends over to roast marshmallows and help us eat cinnamon rolls.
Luckily that means the cinnamon rolls are gone so I won't be tempted to eat them when all the kids leave to school:0

Alyssa had a choir concert during the day on Sunday and spent most the day pinning her dress and getting ready.  The dynamics of girls and boys is so so different.  It's crazy how they entertain themselves so differently.  During conference we have the boys fighting , teasing, laughing, just goofing off and being kinda silly about everything.(maybe it's just my boys.  I don't know.)  Okay to be fair they were very well behaved when we threatened them,  for a few minutes.:)  Then we have Alyssa. She is telling everyone to be quiet.  She is trying to take notes and listen to what is actually being said.  It's crazy.:)
 Hope everyone had a great Conference weekend!!!  

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