Monday, October 1, 2012


LOVE LOVE this place!!!!! 
Just being here puts you in the mood for FALL.  The Go carts are always a favorite.  We LOVE that they always have so many that you never really have to wait.
I know these don't really fit in right here but can I just say the new candy corn M&Ms are DIVINE!!!  If you have not tried them well you are REALLY missing out:

FYI, any picture where all of my children are together was not by choice.  That is why they are far and few between.  It almost involves blood!!!!  I'm not kidding. It does involve some tears;(  But hey just for the picture sake don't they look happy to be holding hands.  You would think they were being very loving right.  We will go with that idea:)
Ashlynn was in HEAVEN here. She LOVED the corn maze.  The corn pit we could not get her or Britton out of.  We would go to something else and they would want to return to the corn pit. By the time we left they were covered in white dust from it.

Another forced picture by mom.  They will thank me some day:)  Okay really it's only the boys who complain about pictures the girls are happy to take them whenever I ask.
Our family Loves the randomness of this place. Like a tire swing just out at the edge of the yard to swing on.
We are lame and would NOT PONY up the money LOL for the pony rides.  Ashlynn didn't seem to care because we stuck her on one of the resting ones and it made her happy.

I love it when I sneak a picture of Britton looking all sweet.  He is by far my most "I am not taking a picture kid."   

Here we have Daxon & Riley starting to get bored, so they are kicking the crap out of each other on the tire swing.
Here they say they are bored but they look like they are having pretty darn fun to me:)
Howells has a new MUD PIE section.  MESSY!!!!

The kids LOVED it!

The dirt is flour, sand is marked sugar, rocks are chocolate chips, wood chips are oatmeal.  Its pretty cute and pretty MESSY:)

WONDERFUL place to start into FALL!


  1. That sounds awesome! I'm telling you Lori, I think we need to come to Iowa for residency.