Wednesday, October 17, 2012


As the kiddos were all hanging out the other day J.D. realized we had 2 sets of twins in the house.  We decided that must mean you will have good luck or something.  Britton sure did think so.

Can I just say I LOVE having ASHLYNN home!!!  I love going to the science center with her.  Everything is so fun and exciting when you are her age.  The girl just has so much energy and love for everything in life.   I want to be just like her  when I grow Up.  Okay she could be more quiet and calm in church. She will be someday I am sure:).  When she freaks out about the littlest thing or gets excited over everything J.D. and I just look at each other Shake our head and repeat the line from the sound of music ."Oh she's alright captain, She's just happy!"

I love going with her and other little friends to Wednesday 50 cent off Happy Meal day before heading over to preschool:).
I Love how she Loves McDonalds & I have to say, I kinda love the southwestern grilled chicken salad they have myself.


I LOVE this zoo!!! Not because it's all that cool but,  I love that it is open year round.  My other kids are really starting to fight me on going to the zoo.  I LOVE the zoo as does Ashlynn so its where we go to hang out. Hey we have a pass.  It's cheap entertainment.  Plus we ALWAYS feel right at home when we r at the zoo.  LOL:)


The other day Ashlynn and I were drawing Halloween pictures.  We have some great talent around here as you see:).  Before school she was make believe playing with her projects from school and the Halloween picture.   After school she hands me an envelope with this cute little letter in it.:)
The first picture I drew with a black cat, bats a moon, pumpkin and ghosts has not been seen since the day I received this sweet letter.  HUMMM I wonder where it is?  I wonder if the teacher really thinks I made it for her?  I wonder if she thinks Ashlynns Mom is a little crazy?  Okay that goes without saying,  but anyway it made me laugh! 


  1. I too loved the preschool age where when you took them to fun places their faces light up, they have the best of time. So much better than when they get older and complain about it or anything for that matter!

  2. Toddler/Preschool age is my favorite too. Although, Jack is going through a hard stage right now and I'm trying to figure it out. hmmm....