Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What to do with that rhubarb & muffins w/ mom

 I love how Ashlynn is all about rainbows right now.  She writes her name rainbow and the other day at preschool activity her special picture she said had to be a dog or rainbow.  I voted rainbow.
wake up a sluggish belly
 Ashlynn & I decided to make some healthy muffins the other day.
 The muffins didn't turn out great.  Kinda dry. The dough was so thick, I decided to pour 1/2 in a bread pan  the kids loved it:)  Why these muffins r so good for you, ground flaxseed contain prebiotics, unique fibers that fuel the growth of probiotics, greek yogurt boasts more probiotics(gut friendly bacteria) than regular yogurt.3 strawberriespromote digestion and healthy bowel movements with insoluble fiber.  TMI

With that info whats not to LOVE right?:)  Rileys guts were bothering him for a week after he ate these.  coincidence  or not???? HUM:)  I kept telling him it was just his belly trying to wake up LOL:) 

They didn't bother the rest of us we loved them.  If you want the recipe it can be found in the august 2011 magazine or I can give it to you.

(May not wake up your belly but it will make your taste buds smile:)
 I needed to come up with a quick dessert.  I had rhubarb I came across this recipe.  My first thought was yuck!!!!  Because of time I decided to try it.  YUMMYYYYYYY!!!!!!  It was so tasty.
all you do is cover the bottom of a cake pan with rhubarb
sprinkle with 1 pkg strawberry jello, 1 cup sugar, 3 cups marshmallows.  I know kinda weird.  you should try it:)  make a white cake mix pour it over.  Bake 350 40 min or so.   I poured it out then decided that didn't look so great.  I put it back in the pan and covered it with whipping cream.
Now that looks tasty:)

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