Thursday, November 1, 2012


The other day as I was waiting for Ashlynn to get out of preschool I came across a recipe for apple butter.  Sounded kinda weird but I kept thinking about it and decided to try it out.
The recipe was 8 apples cored and sliced
cinnamon to your liking
put in crock pot for 4 hrs on high
add 3/4 cup organic 100 percent apple juice i used store brand.
stir cook 4 more hrs on high
blend in food processor
Can I just say this surpasses anything I thought it might taste like.  It is TASTY!!!!!
The other day I put it on those 100 calorie thin buns toasted with this cheese.  I ended up having it for breakfast lunch and dinner.  My kids did not share my love.  I had to cook for them,  they wanted a REAL meal they said!!!  Whats not real about apples, cheese and bread for dinner:). The person who poster it puts it on her toast and in her oatmeal.  I have no idea what blog it was on or I would give her credit:).   If you want to make something that taste like FALL this is it:)

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