Sunday, December 30, 2012


First of all I was a little sad to think we may NOT have snow for Christmas this year.  We ended up having PLENTY!!!  I could not have been happier for the kids to be out of school for 2 extra days of school.  They had a ball playing out in the snow.   I LOVE Christmas break and Christmas is one time of year I actually enjoy the snow.  Christmas break ends in 2 days so it is free to leave any time:).

Christmas cookies, I always look forward to these until it's time to clean up  and then I think I NEVER want to make these again.  However next year will come and I will once again be excited to do cookies as will my younger kids:). Somehow I forget the mess and remember how fun it is to crank up the Christmas music and make cookies.
The annual  Clive SANTA visit.  We have a special neighborhood to warrant a visit from this jolly man every year.
Ashlynn kept begging to go for a picnic.  I am NOT a cold weather picnic fan!!  We solved the begging by her and I making Rudolph lunch bags one afternoon then for dinner we had a family picnic. NEXT to the glowing fire:)
I will be VERY sad to not watch Ashlynns preschool Christmas program next year.  It is so very adorable.  Seriously cutest Christmas program I have ever seen.

Ashlynn has been begging to do Santa pancakes.  I am so thankful I still have one kid who still thinks these little projects aren't lame:)
AShlynn had a build a bear birthday party.  It was adorably fun!! Birthday parties are so much fun.

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