Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tender mercie Christmas miracles

The guard Christmas party this year was so great.  On the way home our car was causing us some problems.  We were not sure what was going on. (our fuel pump went out) It would drive a few feet quit, we would have to sit for awhile and the wonderful process would start again.  Finally Jers tells everyone to be quiet as he says a prayer.  As he finishes, he sits for awhile, tries to start the car, off we go.  We made it out of camp dodge a least:). When he gets the car going again he states I'm not taking the freeway,  I am going the long way.  The car does not cause us too much trouble until we get almost home.  This happens to be at a main stoplight where many of the people from our old ward would be going by at that EXACT TIME!!!!!  I am soooo embarrassed.  I say "why did you go this way? everyone will see us."  He replies "I know, that's why,  I new we would need the help they would be willing to offer."  Offer they did!!!!!  Within seconds the younger kids and I had a ride home,  Jers had tons of people offering to help.  How blessed and loved we felt at the tender mercy of that moment. 

The following day I had agreed to let Jers take the car hunting and go without one due to the fact that the weather had been nice.  I could walk Ashlynn to preschool and other than that we could just stay home that day.  It would be a lot of walking because I would also need to go back and pick her up.  We woke up to freezing cold rain and wind.  I had no car and I new Ashlynn would not be happy if we skipped preschool.  WHAT TO DO???  I had decided we would bundle up REALLY good and just walk.  I was a little concerned how Ashlynn would handle walking in the rain & wind to school:).  I went on about my day but had a prayer in my heart to know what I should do.  I really didn't want to bother anyone for help.   All the sudden my phone rang.  It was a preschool friend I had never met.  The mom wondered if her daughter could come over to our house,  play with Ashynn,  then she would take them to school and bring Ashlynn home. UM YES!!! 2 tender mercies in less than 24 hours.  I felt very blessed by our own little Christmas miracles indeed!!!

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