Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas Joy

So excited that Britton wanted to join Ashlynn in putting out reindeer  food. I love going to see the lights, sing Christmas songs, act out the Nativity, open pjs, and do a dinner on Christmas eve .  This year we did those things and it was wonderful,  but man my kids are changing. (growing up FAST) I have to run the show a little bit different.  The effort involved is a little more intense with each year.  It's was soooo much easier to make my children think everything was fun and TOTALLY AWESOME when they were little. When the fact that we just did all those things,  are now tossing reindeer food well, that was the party and now it's bedtime:).(and it's only 8p.m.)

The x box has been 24/7 entertainment since it was opened.  Riley has to be forced away.  The other day I thought I would be very intelligent.  I turned off the outlets for the T.V.  that way even when they were sneaky the lovely thing wouldn't work.  I went upstairs, came down and what was the lovely sound?  The x box!!!  Ya it took them seconds to realize how to fix that problem.  I took the games.  Turns out they are willing to play the lame ones built in if that's all that was available.  I guess it's a good thing they go to the y for hours a day, school and do chores pretty good most the time:).

Brittton loves his skylanders when his brothers let him play:).
I'm not sure what this gift is I just love how cute they are looking at it together. Alyssa received her I-pod Touch finally.  I have not wanted to get my kids devices with internet.  I see how I have to force them off the family internet. I want to be able to regulate the time the spend on that kind of stuff.  She was not overly happy that night when she went to bed to find the internet on it shuts off in the evening and that she can't use internet in her room.  We told her it was good parenting I'm not sure she agrees:).

 I was super excited to come across a shirt with Daxons favorite thing to say on it. LOL

Ashlynn was up ALLL night on Christmas eve throwing up.  I truly believe her excitement for Christmas made her sick. She is the type of personality that just gets so excited for things .  Her enthusiasm grew with each day.  When she was finally told it's tomorrow it was too much for her.  OR she just had the flu for 2 days.

To bad this darling girl doesn't have a nicer mommy to buy her a real puppy.  She really loves her Dog that is pretend it barks and she cuts its hair with pretend scissors and its a marvelous precious friendship:).
                                     When we get tired of it's barking we turn it off.


  1. What a fun Christmas! Miss you guys.

  2. You have such a cute family! I love reading your blog.