Sunday, February 3, 2013


 The other day I was running down stairs for some reason.  Ya, I can't remember what I was going to do.  This was the scene.  My 2 little girls sitting together on the couch coloring princess pictures.  It made me smile.  I love it when my children are loving to each other without mom telling them to be:).


Last year, just for fun, we did a fun party that was pinkalicious .  This year when I got out our Valentines decotations,  I realized I had tons of stuff left over from last year.  So why not have a birthday party?
Ashlynn loves PINK.  Ashlynn LOVES just just about everything except sitting still:).
Last year on the last day of school as we drove by the park, a bunch of kids were out doing games.  Ashlynn wanted to go be a part.  I told her she had to be 5.  She has ASKED everyday since that day how much longer until I turn 5.  The day FINALLY arrived.  That night as I'm putting her to bed she gets a little sad.  Then she says "Is it true?  Am I really 5?"  I tell her yes.  She replies sadly, so I am really going to miss my friends when I go to kindergarten tomorrow:(.  WOW that is a long time ASHLYNN to be excited about something.  I never realized that this issue would weigh so heavily on her mind.   She was a little happy,  yet sad as I explained she would need to wait until FALL to go to kindergarten and I would like her to just be my little girl for now.

I LOVE being this little girl's mom.  I realize counselors say you should not be your kids friends per say.  She is one of my BEST friends.  We spend every day together.  She is my shopping buddy, my have a picnic in front of the fire and read Fancy Nancy books on cold days buddy, go to the library, gym, swimming, and clean house with buddy. yes, I have it hard.  I Love being a stay home mom:) I realize that many of the activities we do are me taking her to do whatever.  I love being her mom and being able to do it.  She loves to play games.  I protest this at times.  She usually wins. She still insists someone lay by her at night, hold her hand and sing to her.  It usually only takes about 2 and a half songs before shes out and I can sneak away:)  She will outgrow this someday,  I think!  When I think about her going to school next year it truly brings tears to my eyes.  It will be an adjustment to move onto that new stage of life. Let's NOT talk about it.

Ashlynn loves a party, any party.  Her party or someone elses.  Presents are her thing.  This year the second she woke up, her voice echoed through the house.  Within seconds all the kids were hugging her, singing to her  and just so excited for her to be 5.  I LOVE how everyone in the family loves her.  It tends to make her a little spoiled. It may be hard to manage at times due to her being a little on the rotten side:).  I reason that it is just her strong will coming out and one day she will do AMAZING things with it!!!

Ashlynn loves dress up, princess anything, treats of any kind, and barbies.
Recently her and I started a book "Learning to read in 100 easy lessons."  We are both learning patience with this.  She loves learning to read a new word.  She DOES NOT love to sit still to participate.  I am learning to be patient with her.  I am also learning that I pronounce a lot of my sounds wrong:).  I thought the book was for her, turns out I speak slang in my speech.  It reminds me of the song from "MY FAIR LADY."  love that movie.  Why can't the English teach their children how to speak.  (It's a song about people like me.) It's a great book.  I Love it.


Birthday cake pancakes
These were a hit with all the kids.  For some odd reason mine DID NOT look as amazing as the ones on pinterest.  I didn't tell my kids so they didn't mind:).
Made this cute sign & cake to go with our pinkalicious theme.  J.D. & Riley walk by the sign and say what is the big word suppose to say?  I say PINKITITUS.  Anyone who knows about the book would know that.  They both let me know that is NOT how you spell it.  I had to make a new sign.

Pink rolls
How fun are these. This idea came to me when I couldn't sleep one night.  They were so fun to make.  I am way too easily entertained.
LAST but not least.  I could NOT leave the best part of  mine & Ashlynn's day.  DRESS UP.  she does my hair, makeup, nails, and I get to return the favor.  It's a great time of the day.  What a lucky mom I am to have a true spa treatment DAILY!!!

The cute little dress she is wearing  has a story.  One day my sweet mom called right before Alyssa started kindergarten and ask me to send her outside (so the boys would not see her leave).  I did and my mom took her school shopping.  They bought this cute little dress and I don't remember what else.  I remember Alyssa had such a wonderful day.  As I was cleaning out boxes I found this dress and it reminded me of her.  I miss her and am so thankful for all the little things she did to make my life and my children's  wonderful. I love that all the little things she made and did for my older kids I was able to hang on to. Every time Ashlynn puts a blanket on her, or pajamas that are homemade, she says excitedly, "Did Grandma Jo make this for me?"    Everyday she chooses a Grandma Jo blanket for our fireplace picnic(ya we live a rough life).  I was in labor a little longer with Ashlynn then my other kids.  I know it was because her Grandma wanted to hold onto her sweetheart just a few more minutes.  It's so adorable how Ashlynn has never met her Grandma Jo in this life, yet talks as if she is one of her closest friends. I pray with all my heart that this never changes.  I love you Ashlynn.  Happy # 5!!


  1. Happy Birthday to Ashlynn! She is such a fun girl! I love her love of life. She makes me smile!

  2. hard to believe Ashlynn is 5!! She is so cute and fun to be around.

  3. She is so cute!! You are such a great momma:) I am in the same boat and will have such a hard time not having my 5 year old at home with me this fall either:(

  4. It's been forever since I've been on the blog scene. Loved reading this post. It looks like Ashlynn had a wonderful birthday. You do such fun things with your kids. You are truly an amazing mother. I love all the pics. I miss you all. Love ya! Raelyn