Sunday, February 3, 2013

New Discoveries

 Ashlynn Has officially discovered snow and cold.  As everything else in life SHE LOVES IT!!!!
 Daxon took her snowboarding after the last snowfall.  She wanted to stay at the snow hill forever.  It was tough to get her home.
The next few days she went to school with bumps and bruises from her adventures in snowboarding.  Is that bad parenting?  They were mostly on her face.  I was a little worried her teachers were going to think she was being beat.  The bumps did not slow her down.  She just kept begging for more.

Thankfully Daxon loves the outdoors also.  That way I did not need to stay the entire time.  I do NOT love the cold:).  Daxon says, "I guess we could do without the sled.  She just wants my snowboard."


 When I grew up a popcorn popper was not anything too exciting.  My mom popped popcorn I think every weekend.  The other day I decided to get out the popper and let Ashlynn and her friend help make popcorn so we could play, DON'T EAT PETE."  (I ran out of microwave) I'm so glad I did.  SO SO funny.  I think I will need to use the popcorn popper more often.


 A few months ago the y was offering free lessons for racquetball.  After a few weeks my boys  decided this was the game for them.  They love it.

 It does not matter how late they are up on Friday, they make it to the gym on Saturday morning to play.  They now also attend lessons at Oakmoore. I'm happy they have found something to keep them entertained on these winter days. Something besides wrestling matches in the middle of my living room floor:).


 Britton loves the pinewood derby.  He loves drawing the design for his car, sanding it, and just being a part of it.  For treats this year they had donuts.  I think Ashlynn had about 10 and Britton probably had about the same judging by the crumbs on his upper lip:).  What a fun memory for boys to have.

Home economics

 Daxon was pretty darn happy with the RAD pillow he made in sewing.  I told him to just use the material the school supplies.  His response, I want to use it to sleep on.  It needs to be NEW YORK YANKEES!!!

 These next 2 pictures I just put on here because they make me smile.  I love how much kids are amazed when they go to the Science center by this round ball .
A plasma globe or plasma lamp is (usually) a clear glass orb filled with a mixture of various noble gases with a high-voltage electrode in the center of the sphere. Plasma filaments extend from the inner electrode to the outer glass insulator, giving the appearance of multiple constant beams of colored light (see corona discharge and electric glow discharge).
Our family has been laughing about this for a few weeks.  TOO funny.


  1. Holy Cow, Daxon's pillow is awesome. Will he make me one? Except I don't know what sports team I am committed to.