Sunday, March 24, 2013


 Costco had a sale on this cereal. They were clearing it out for 2.97 a box.   I BOUGHT 3 boxes of it.  Well, my children would NOT eat it.  I fixed this problem by telling them I will not buy more cereal until it was gone.  They were not happy!!! They did start eating it however.  After school snack and bedtime mostly.  Then one day they come to me with this petition. I laughed pretty hard, and still made them finish off the cereal.  After quite a few months it is finally GONE!!!!!

 Way to go DAXON!!
So proud of you:)
I am picking up Ashlynn from pre-school.  The teacher mentions that I need to check in her backpack.  This is the envelope I found:).

The other day Ashlynn brings home this picture.  She is  OVERLY excited and super HAPPY that she made a RAPUNZEL gingerbread man.

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