Tuesday, May 21, 2013


 Mothers day morning they inform me that it was time to remove Ashlynn's training wheels.

After a morning of trying she is not sure she loves that idea.  They are sure she will in NO TIME AT ALL.

 She LOVES fishing almost as much as they do.
 Every time they catch a fish, she jumps up and down congratulating them on catching HER another fish.

 I LOVE how they let her reel them in after they catch them.  So cute!

 So thankful these lucky boys have a dad who has taken them fishing enough that they know how to fish without him.  Thankful they can help the blond girl at the dock who wants some tips. ( her boyfriend had none:~) Thankful they can help their little sister. Some say fishing isn't just about catching fish but the memories.  For these boys, it is definitely  about catching the FISH.  When the grow up I am pretty sure they will be thankful for the memories as well.

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  1. I just love your family! Looks like great memories were made catching those fish. How awesome the boys want to teach Ashlynn to ride without training wheels too.