Wednesday, May 22, 2013

SOUNDS a little fishy...No more preschool for this clan;(

 I realize I just posted fishing pictures.
The following day the boys begged and begged to go fishing again.  I caved.  I dropped them off for a little while and when I returned 3 hours later (don't judge me, I called every hour) they had caught 167 fish.  I would not have believed the FISHY story they were telling me if not for seeing with my own eyes the craziness of it happening.
The second the pole went in, it came out with a fish.  I told them they had to ALL be catch and release.  I caved on that as well.  If they were over 10 inch,  the boys explained it would just not be right to not take them home to eat.
Needless to say I have A TON of fish in my freezer!!!

Where did the time go?

She is so excited to move on to kindergarten.  She has LOVED this preschool and looked forward to going everyday.
She already misses her friends and teachers.  However we are BEYOND excited for summer and the fun times it brings. 
In just the last week Ashlynn has learned how to FISH,

Make mud pies.
We were bored one day and I went outside to get something.  I remembered all the sudden (when I went to walk in the shed) how I use to mix dandelions, grass, mud, water, ext.. and make mud pies.  I got thinking..I don't think Ashlynn has ever done that before.  She has played in the mud and gotten dirty but not specifically to make mud pies. 
I decided it was time she learned how. We had a blast.
Finally after helping her every time we are at the park, Ashlynn , mastered the monkey bars yesterday. Just in time for kindergarten.
I think she mentioned no less than a hundred times yesterday, "I can't believe it, I can do the monkey bars all by myself now."
Way to go ASHLYNN!!!

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  1. such big milestones for Ashlynn over the last week!!