Saturday, July 13, 2013

DAM 2DAM & becoming a TEENAGER!

 This was a HUGE year for Daxon.  He trained hard for the 20k Dam 2 Dam race here in Iowa.  Jers trained with him and I was very happy about that.  The first half he was training alone and I did not like him going out running alone.  Daxon was amazing.  He would map out the different training routes he wanted to run on Google map the right mileage, then head out to run. Rarely did he miss a day.
 Him & his dad had a great time being part of this. At first Jers was forced into this wonderful opportunity (LOL) due to the fact that I worried about Daxon running alone.  I think in the end however J.D. was happy about the opportunity:).
 Daxon became a TEENAGER!!!  What a great kid he is. He loves to work hard and be challenged.  This applies to outdoor and recreational NOT HOUSE chores. He prefers to never do chores.  However when he actually does he does a fabulous job.  Daxon is always watching people.  It is true that although at times he really knows how to push peoples buttons, he has a very tender heart.  He likes to do his best.  If I am leaving, I know that if I bribe him he will ALWAYS take the best care of Ashlynn.  He is great with little kids.  He loves fishing, hunting , racquetball and anything that involves being with dad.  Happy Birthday Daxon, WELCOME to the teenage years!

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