Wednesday, July 17, 2013


 Every year the parade becomes more and more interesting. This is due mostly to the age difference in my children.  The dynamics of how they behave and what they feel the purpose of the parade is for is different every year.  Before it started Ashlynn found a family with 2 little puppies and decided they should be her puppies.  We had a hard time getting her to leave them alone.  the family was very nice about it.  I wish that girls(Ashlynn's) mom would just buy her a dog.  I know she will be a vet or something that works with animals someday.  She adores animals.

 This is one of my FAVORITE pictures.  Alyssa has her wal-mart bag is a few weeks from being 17 and is standing next to me complaining that the kids are crowding and she can't get candy.  I about died laughing.  As hard as I tried to keep that laughing under my breath I fear I failed miserably .  I love that girl!!!
 The boys ran around the corner from us where they were the only children around.  They hit the JACKPOT in the candy department.  ALYSSA should have followed them:).  In these 2 pictures I told them to smile.  Alyssa said I didn't get any candy hardly, I'm not smiling.  This guy yells with this silly face do what your told.  It made the kids all laugh.  It was funny.
 That night we went to some friends where we had fabulous food, fun friends, the missionaries were over so we got to hang out with them.  Water balloons, badminton,   and just a great time. 

 J.D. turned the big 40 this month.  Man where does the time go.  We all went out to visit him near a park where he works for lunch that night we had a BBQ.  It was a great day. Love this picture.  Ashlynn  can get J.D.  to do just about anything she wants for her.  Bad thing is she knows it. We Love you JERS!!!

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