Monday, July 29, 2013

KINDERGARTEN ROUND UP and why I LOVE Iowa in the Summer

 Ashlynn had her first kindergarten adventure the other night. WOW, how the time flies!!  This is a BIG year for us.  We have a senior and our final kindergartener. To say this girl is excited would be an understatement of the year she is ecstatic.

I was pretty tearful for awhile.  How was I going to manage an entire day without seeing her?  A full day for a 5 year old seems SOOOO long.  I applied for a job at the school and YAHOO I got it.  Now I'll get to see her and Britton at lunch and recess plus have the same days off as them and my other kiddos.  What a perfect opportunity!

One of the MANY things I love about Iowa in the summer is the splash parks.  Went to Ashby park the other day and wondered how I have lived here  6 years without knowing about this fabulous park.

I love, love the blank park zoo.  It's not so big that it takes up your whole day but kills half of it if your sick of hanging out at home.  My membership is going to expire the end of next month so I need fit in as many trips as I can. 

These fish are kinda gross to me but seem to keep kids entertained forever!!!

I LOVE the new splash pad at legion park it is so much fun AS LONG AS you take buckets to keep your kids entertained. With buckets, hours of entertainment,  without the buckets,  the new toys are adorable it can get boring fast.

I LOVE that warrior lanes is doing free bowling this summer for kids! 

I LOVE Summer. This one has kinda kicked my butt and now that I'm finally getting into the swing of things it seems like it is almost at an end.  August 14 is way to soon to start school up again in my own PROFESSIONAL opinion:).  Give me 2 more weeks I might be singing a different tune.


  1. You are making Iowa look really good! What are you going to be doing at the school? Will it be a full time job?

  2. hard to believe Ashlynn will be in k-garten too!! congrats to you for working at the school!! enjoy the last few weeks of summer break!