Sunday, July 14, 2013

National Junior Olympic Racquetball Championships

 Last month Daxon & Britton had the opportunity to participate in the National Junior Olympic Racquetball Championships.
 They have had so much fun practicing at the Y and at Oakmoore in preparation for this.  Iowa had a pretty good number of participants this year mostly due to a man by the name of Don McCormick who coached and helped everyone of these kids at little to no charge.  What wonderful people this world has in it!!!
 He simply has a passion for the sport and wants to see more kids playing.  It was so much fun to be part of this competition for the week.  The kids attending this were from all over the country and the talent was INCREDIBLY INSANE!!!! 
 Britton won this cool bag then his sly covetous brother convinced him that he should have it--mostly due to the fact that he is older and has more stuff to put in it.  

Daxon won first place in the white division.  It is the lowest division, but hey, for only playing 6 months, he was happy with it.  The day he won, after arriving home, J.D. asked him to do something.  His response was" the national champion needs to rest." 

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  1. That is awesome. Way to go Daxon. He definitely is my brother's kid with a response like that.