Friday, July 26, 2013

Raccoon River

 Raccoon river can be a little bit freaky, and Germ infested at times but hey, my house is a lot the same way.  LOL , I guess that's why we kinda like hanging out at that park.

 I convinced Alyssa to even go with us one day. That cheesy smile isn't from eating too many of the  Cheetos Daxon is holding... IT is a sincere look of how much she loved it:).  This little raft we bought in Idaho has been such a fabulous purchase.  Not so much at raccoon river but at Grays lake they go all over the entire lake with that thing.  They get a few odd glances but hey were the Phippens and never seem to notice in that it happens a lot.

 The little girl I babysit and Ashlynn are  competing  all the time.  Its pretty funny.  I think they both made it up this spiderweb speedier than any other kid.  Just so as to win each other. 

These next few pictures are what you call having fun due to pure BOREDOM!!!!!  They didn't want to go to raccoon river but were sick of sitting around the house.

It wasn't  long after arriving I'm hearing this is so dumb and boring.
next second this is what they are doing.
I can't remember what those boards are called but once again a fabulous purchase before LAKE POWELL last yr.  I think my kids use them on a daily basis.  Mostly Ashlynn and the little neighbor kids playing in the back yard but they are rough with them and they still are not broke.  Anything that doesn't break in a season around this place I count as a fabulous purchase.

 CHEETOS and DORITOS, who doesn't love those super awesome chips when your playing in the water?  Your kid gets all orange and you don''t even have to clean them up, just tell them to go run in the water and your work is done.  LOVE IT!!!

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