Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Ashlynn has been BEGGING to go camping.  Since time has been an issue with work,  kids going different directions, Jers getting home late, this Iowa weather never being sure if it would rain or not,and the list goes on.  I decided to grant her wish in the back yard.
The kids helped me make homemade scones for Navajo tacos that were DELICIOUS!!! I made my moms homemade roll recipe and man it makes DIVINE scones. I took mine with honey butter since I always go for sugar first.
It was a great night to have a campout.   It was cool enough for a fire, rare in IOWA.

After football when it was finally a little dark we played ghost in the darkness.  I think this was all of our favorite part.  We kept playing until enough kids were cloths-lined on things from it being so dark we decided it might not be such a safe game any longer.

We made them leave the phones inside and they were only allowed in to go to the bathroom.  The older ones seemed to need to use the bathroom  A LOT.  Plus plugged in the phones right next to the bathroom.  Smart kids:).
After breakfast Riley's comment was ,"this has been fun,  but,  can we go inside and be a NORMAL family now."   I told him he was welcome to go in but NORMAL for this clan was probably a long shot.

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  1. Sounds like fun! Jack has also been begging to go camping with just Dad.