Sunday, August 4, 2013


 Last week our family was wanting to go to the MOUNTAINS.  A little bit of a difficult task in IOWA.  I told DAXON to go on the internet and find somewhere in the area that has trails that make it SEEM like you are in the mountains.  I didn't want to drive clear to ledges.  He found this place called Browns Woods.  It is right next to the airport.  15 minute drive , 1.9 mile walk up and down hills, it feels like you are in the mountains, and it is beautiful.
 Ry and Daxon kept trying to climb the trees that were hanging over the trails. It was pretty funny when they would get half way then fall.
 Ashlynn thought she was in HEAVEN.  She brought her little backpack so she could gather all the treasures of the forest. Alyssa is feeling awesome because she found a walking stick for our very "LONG" hike:).

 When you put boys in the outdoors all the sudden I am not sure what happens.  Maybe it's just my boys,  but they become the HAPPIEST creatures on the planet.  Then act like just like that, strange CREATURES!
One of the coolest things about the Browns woods were  the 2 monkies we constantly seen climbing the trees.  They even stopped and posed when we tried to take pictures.

 Britton loved just being in the outdoors and watching the monkies in the woods as they ran from one mischievous thing to the next.  

 Here we have the monkies showing us how strong they are.  The wood that has fallen from the trees is all rotten so these HUGE logs break into pieces when you smash them against a tree.  This makes them feel VERY TOUGH!!

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  1. You're looking for trees and mountains and I am looking for open space. Maybe we should trade places for a few days. ;)