Monday, August 5, 2013


Wednesday was the dollar kid movie at the mall.  I do not buy the season tickets  for these movies due to the fact that most of them I could not bring myself to sit in.  Rio,  I think is worth a couple bucks to sit in the theater and watch.
As we left US cellular had this fun both set up for kids to race cars at and stuff. We participated proudly and took the cute fans they gave us and all.  When the ask which us cellular plan we had we also proudly replied we are with Verizon.  They ignored us after that, but let us keep the fans:).
Then we went to feed the ducks, we used bread that was donated to the Y from Panera that was NOT SO GOOD to us but seemed to be delicious to the ducks.
Well the older kids all went into the mall while the little girls(Ashlynn and Brynn the girl I watch sometimes) and I went to feed the ducks.
At one point the ducks started chasing them for bread it was pretty funny.
The only thing I would have changed about this wonderful afternoon is I would have brought picnic lunches to eat .  Instead we went to Costco and had lots of free samples.

For putting myself on a budget to not spend over a little money every week, which I am not loving because, I kinda LOVE to shop...It  was a fabulous day!

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