Thursday, August 15, 2013


Last week J.Ds mom and sister stopped by on the way home from Virginia.  Ashlynn was so excited to have someone do puzzles with her. 
 And read her stories.

It was so great to have them.  They ended up not being able to stay long since J.Ds Grandma Phippen passed away and they needed to get home. I did not know her very well but every time I was around her,  I loved her and thought she was such a neat lady. I really loved her name.  It was Kristi Page.  How adorable is that?
   Living in Iowa no visit from family is ever long enough for my kiddos.  However anyone who knows our family knows it is probably plenty long for the guests.  We always seem to be overly LOUD. Without fail 1 or more boys get into a pretty good fight before the company leaves.  They are probably counting blessings as they walk out the door., thinking MAN THAT FAMILY HAS ISSUES!! LOL! Indeed we do, but we hope you will still come back soon:).

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  1. I love all the updates, Lori. Although I think it makes me miss you guys MORE. 4 years is far too long to go without seeing you.