Friday, August 2, 2013


 When did I get old enough to have a 17 year old???  This year Alyssa was at girls camp on her birthday and they made it a FABULOUS day for her.  I think she told me about 50 different things that were done for her that day to make it a special day for her.  Different things from singing to her with a special crown to bringing up scratch cupcakes.  When we celebrated it at home as we prepared to bake the cake RILEY... YES RILEY glanced at a picture of one he said Alyssa would like this cake and he helped me make it for her.  It turned out pretty cute.  Alyssa is such a great girl.  Always wants to do the right thing, loves to go all the time and be with friends. She is as feisty as can be.  When she makes up her mind it is very hard to change it.  This is one of her greatest qualities yet when you are the parent hardest to have patience with:). She love to help others, has a very tender heart, loves to take pictures, play the piano and  and sing.  I am so scared for her to graduate because that will mean the entire dynamics of my family will change YET AGAIN as they already have this year and I DON'T LOVE IT!!!!  She is an adventurer.  She wants to go to college , serve a mission and yes those are great things but they mean she will not be home.  That means I can't tell her I love her as I shut her door and kiss her goodnight.  It would mean I wouldn't get to hear her talk endlessly about her  day and quite frankly that scares me and kinda makes my stomach SICK!!!!!!  We love you Alyssa and are thankful for the happiness you bring this family. (YA she only has 1 candle in the cake because I went to look for hot pink ones in a different area of the store became side traked and forgot candles.  Lame I know.  Sorry AJ)

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