Saturday, August 10, 2013


 Rileys summer started out with him taking off out west with the Russells.  They were his family for 3 weeks.
 They took him to Lagoon the first weekend, to the spoken word and then dropped him and his friend Dallon off an EFY in Provo Utah.  Riley could not say enough about how much he loved EFY. He even got a PICTURE with HANK SMITH our families most FAVORITE speaker!!! I am not sure where that picture was sent to.
 After a week they picked the boys up and headed to Vail Colorado.
 One of the e-mails I received while they were in Colorado said this.
Riley is such a great boy! His stamina is tremendous! We biked from Frisco to  west Vail. We lunched at Vail summit. Then finished by riding from the Vail pass summit  into west Vail. I've been so impressed with his positive attitude and happy demeanor. He has been such a blessing to have with us. My family has benefited from his wonderful example.
I am so THANKFUL for such wonderful people in this world.  I am thankful Riley was able to go be part of such a great family for a few weeks.  I definitely started his summer out right.

I wish I had pictures but I don't a week after he returned he went to high adventure in South Dakota.  He LOVED it.  He was able to go on another bike ride and see MT. Rushmore.  They mutual had the pioneer trek this yr.  They walked 25 or so MILES!!!! Riley loved it except his allergies did get to him.  He had football camp this week and man that REALLY keeps them busy.  Once again he loves it!!! All days he is expected to be at weight lifting by 8a.m. if he is home.  Other days its practice for 2 hrs.  He missed a lot of the lifting this summer due to being gone or telling mom he didn't have it because he wanted to sleep in:).   He loves to go to the Y and play Racquetball or basketball as long as friends are also around.    When he is not super busy he LOVES to TEASE, TEASE, TEASE.  Mostly his baby sister.  He calls it playing.  She is screaming and laughing so I call it teasing.  He is a great kid.  Never complains, okay even when he does complain he still does what he is told while he is complaining but as long as he does it I don't care if he complains.  I complain about the things I have to do sometimes also.  His energy is endless but he does loves to sit in front of a computer or TV and do nothing if I let him for a time.  He NEVER, NEVER, NEVER stops eating!!!!  I think he eats as much as everyone else in this house together.  He will have just finished a HUGE meal and I turn around and hes in the fridge.  He is skin and bones so I am not sure where he is putting it but man I would love that metabolism.  Riley is going to be a sophomore this yr.  how crazy is that.  Man the yrs are flying by.  I keep giving him extra jobs on Saturday like help me make this bread or you also need to fold 20 socks.  18 is right around the corner for him SCARY!! Thanks for being such a fabulous kid RY.  Love you to BITS & BITS!!!

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