Friday, August 16, 2013


This is the CrAzIeSt year.  It is a year of MANY firsts.  How is it possible that I have a SENIOR this year.

 Riley started his FIRST year at the high school.  A sophomore, WHAT... when did this kid get so tall, have his voice change into a mans and start being so concerned about his hair looking just right?
 This is Daxons LAST year at the middle school before he moves on to 9th grade.  This kid is always snapping his fingers, pounding his chest and just moving.  Sometimes I feel the energy coming from him just being in the same room.
 This is Brittons LAST year at the ELEMENTARY school.  I have really enjoyed getting to see him everyday with my new job.  I love that he gets to spend one year at the same school with Ashlynn.  I know he will take good care of her.

At back to school night he was so cute walking around with her by his side.  All the kids joined Ashlynn for back to school night.  It was pretty funny.  As we walked into her kindergarten room to drop off her stuff four other siblings followed her  throughout the class.

On the second day of school I told Ashlynn to SMILE and this ADORABLE little neighbor kid stood next to Ashlynn  all big and Smiled.  I thought it was so cute!

Ashlynn is BEYOND excited to start kindergarten.  She doesn't seem to mind that she is leaving her MAMMA ALLLLLLLLL day!!!!!!
I am not sure why these pictures are sideways.  I could not get them to rotate GRRR.

Walking into her first day so big and brave:). Mom was not looking so big and brave as she walked away;(

Mom and Ashlynn ready for our FIRST day of school!!! First, I am working 3 different small jobs this year.(childwatch at the YMCA, Lunch /recess duty at the school, and before and after care for a neighbor girl)  I haven't had a job besides being a mom in a long time.  At the beginning of summer when it all started happening it kinda felt like a curse had fallen upon me!!!!!   It took awhile(LIKE THE WHOLE SUMMER) for me to wrap my head around my life taking the directions that it was. This was not part of my plan to go to work when Ashlynn went to school!! I had a list of other things that had been waiting to get done when that day arrived.  Day 3 as I dropped Ashlynn off and actually had time to breath,  I think I would have collapsed into tears at the fact that my house was so quiet had I not needed to get ready to go to work and see my kiddos.    I can now see I need these jobs to keep me busy enough to keep from thinking too much, if at all about the fact that my oldest is almost done with school and my baby is starting school.  It might not have been my original plan for this year... I might have resisted the fact that it needed to be the plan in the beginning with every fiber of my SOUL. But, truth be told I LOVE the way it is all turning out.  It is going to be a SUPERCALIFRAGILISTIC  year!!


  1. fun post. So what are your new jobs?

  2. it is hard to believe Ashlynn is in kindergarten!! I know she will have a awesome year!!

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  4. I still have a few more days before school starts, thank goodness. I am not ready to have Jack go to school.