Sunday, September 15, 2013


Riley has had a few football games and is LOVING it!!!  You would have to love football to stay in it.  The 6 a.m. weight training and 3 hr everyday practices and then some on Saturday and often in 100 degree weather.  Man they do all they can to make those boys TOUGH!
Daxons first game is Tuesday and he is so EXCITED he can hardly stand it.  So excited he was SHINNING his helmet last night.  Who does that.:)

I am watching this neighbor girl this year and can I just say she has been a GOD send!!!  She is so adorable.  She is so sweet to Ashlynn and loves my cooking and is always complimenting it.  I kinda like that:).  She is just so fun to have around.

ASHLYNN really needs a DOG!!!!  Everywhere we go if they have a dog that is where she is.  Everyday when I pick her up from school she cannot be found.  WHY?? She is somewhere petting someones dog.  Does not matter whose. It's like she is just drawn to dogs.  Maybe shes going to be a dog whisperer.  LOL!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


These are lame pictures but I LOVE them.  THIS is why... A few weeks ago I was going to have my older kids paint this stairway when they were fighting, however, I decided on a different punishment.  Saturday, Daxon was doing something , I can't even remember what.  I told him that before he could go to the football game him and Riley had put together the hallway had to be taped.  OH, and NO ONE could LEAVE without him:).  He was taping away and 10:30 was arriving quickly.  Alyssa and Riley were on pins and needles wanting to leave.  But,  they were SITTING and complaining about how dumb this was that they could do NOTHING about the situation they were in and that was sooooo unfair.   When low and behold they came up with this brilliant idea to HELP him.  It was a great moment for me to see and they even left pretty much on time.