Tuesday, September 10, 2013


These are lame pictures but I LOVE them.  THIS is why... A few weeks ago I was going to have my older kids paint this stairway when they were fighting, however, I decided on a different punishment.  Saturday, Daxon was doing something , I can't even remember what.  I told him that before he could go to the football game him and Riley had put together the hallway had to be taped.  OH, and NO ONE could LEAVE without him:).  He was taping away and 10:30 was arriving quickly.  Alyssa and Riley were on pins and needles wanting to leave.  But,  they were SITTING and complaining about how dumb this was that they could do NOTHING about the situation they were in and that was sooooo unfair.   When low and behold they came up with this brilliant idea to HELP him.  It was a great moment for me to see and they even left pretty much on time. 

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