Monday, October 13, 2014


SO for school it was dress up like your HERO day.  Ashlynn did not need to think about her decision on this.  She wanted to be her big sister ALYSSA!  This made her mom very happy.  Some days you feel like you are doing everything all wrong then moments come along that make you feel like you must be doing at least one or two things right.  

 One thing I remember most about my mom is how she ALWAYS had a dish towel over her shoulder when she was in the kitchen or cleaning.  I did not realize this was something I did that often. One day I ask Ashlynn to come help me dry some dishes. She was happy to help.
 As she climbed onto the stool I handed her a dish towel. She then preceded to take out another. I said 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"  She responded,  "I need one for my shoulder so I can be like you."
It was a wonderful moment for me. 

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Years ago my sister in law gave us a snow man kit.
Every year it is one of our favorite seasonal things to use.

 SUPER ambitious or BORED boys decided to build a really BIG snowman:).
LOVE these boys.

Saturday, May 10, 2014


 This girl makes me smile and pull out my hair EVERYDAY!!  She is so full of passion towards everything she does that it makes her quite intense. It's also what makes her such a good girl.  I never have to worry about the decisions she will make.  She is very good at setting the family in order when she feels we are not doing things right.  That includes mom and dad.  This does not always go over so well with dad:).LOL I can't believe she will be 18 this year
She loves ALL her cousins too bits!!!
She is moving closer to all of them in September when she goes to SCHOOL.  She could not be more EXCITED!! Her Mom could not be more excited for her and nervous for herself.
 Jana has always loved Alyssa like her own.  

She is so excited to see more of her Grandpa and other Grandparents.   I think her grandpa made her PROMISE to never show anyone this picture.  I never made that promise:).

Today was Alyssa's Seminary graduation!!!! She worked so hard every year to get perfect attendance.  She got pretty darn close.  We left for a trip so she missed I think one day this year and was so upset.  I want to be like her when I grow up:).  
Show choir is one of her favorite,
Is her favorite part of school.  She will miss it.
It was always fun to watch her sing because of all the personality she has when she sings.  

Crazy how the years are flying by. Love this girl and the beautiful young
 lady inside and out she has become.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Britton turns 11

 This is a BIG BIG year for Britton.  He is in 5th so after this year he will be saying good buy to elementary school. A few weeks ago he finished the dare program.
During this program he was coming home with new exciting things to tell us about daily. I LOVE this program it is so beneficial to the kids at this age.
 Britton wanted CAMO and Duck dynasty theme for his birthday!!!  
He is such a great kid.  He makes me smile everyday.  If you find him the right book he can read for hours.  He loves to be around others. He is very much a people person.  He loves people.    He is a very loving kid.  Loves to give hugs, is full of kind words.  Does not like to be given a job!!!!  Britton has a great laugh.It comes from deep down in his soul.   Britton We LOVE you!!! 
 For Christmas he received a BBgun.  The temptation to shoot birds and bunnies has become INTESE around here. (Mostly from his brothers.  They use the gun so much he has a hard time getting his hands on it.) To help that we got him a target for his birthday.  Lets hope it helps.

 Turning 11 means cub scouts is OVER!!  We were working hard the last two months to earn the Arrow of light before the last pack meeting.  Hurray we made it. This was VERY important to Britton.  He really wanted to earn this award.  I was happy that he stayed so persistent.   He crossed the bridge and is officially a boy scout.
 I cannot believe after attending pack meetings for the last 9 years I am past that stage in my life.  I have to say I am not overly sad about this:).  It's funny when Riley became a cub I was SOOOOO excited for all of it.  I wanted to get the book, read it all, and accomplish it in a day.  I was overly excited about pine wood derby and pack meetings.  I can honestly say I LOVED everything about scouts. I take that back, I did not love buying scout shirts.  It about killed me!

I still LOVE everything about scout program. I am so thankful for the values scouting teaches.  A scout is TRUSTWORTHY, LOYAL, HELPFUL, FRIENDLY, COURTEOUS, KIND, OBEDIENT, CHEERFUL, THRIFTY, BRAVE, CLEAN and REVERENT! I am thankful for the outdoor skills they learn and really the list is endless. It is simply an OUTSTANDING program to teach boys how to be MEN!

   I am thankful however to be DONE with pine wood derby cars and pack meeting every month.  I say that.   I do think I will miss seeing everyone every month at pack meeting it was a fun time to visit.  OKAY, I guess I am a little emotional about this season of life ending for me and Britton. With my other boys I never thought of it as a big deal because I still had other boys that were in.  
 Man,  I can't say it enough ...The days are long but the years are SOOOOO fast!!!! 

Thursday, February 20, 2014


Little Miss Ashlynn is 6 years old.  I do not sew a ton but I decided to put these pajamas together for her.   I had some material and stuff that was my Mom's and my goal was to only use stuff that I had of hers,  even the pattern.   I ended up using three different purple threads and some hot pink.  
(They all kept running out.) 
I even found a little birthday iron-on that I put in the corner.  My mom always made us Pjs with eyelet around the front.  These Pjs remind me of her.  They brought a HUGE smile to Ashlynn and were very fun to make.

I LOVE the expression!!!! Daxon wanted soooo badly to get his little sister a present.  As you can see, candy was a terrific idea.

Ashlynn is our little project girl.  She loves crafts, and PLAYDOUGH is a FAVORITE!!
Maybe not of mom's :) lol!  But hey, it keeps her happy!

I LOVE these 2 ANGELS.  When they are getting along they are so precious.

The other day I am driving threw the parent pick up line and I see this adorable little girl grinning at me from ear to ear. She has her snow pants on, dress boots, 2 hats and I just had to take a picture.

It was indoor recess on Ashlynn's Birthday.  Since I do the kindergarten recess, I decided to get a quick picture of her at school.  She loves learning and going to school.

The evening of her party we planned to stay home make pizzas and watch Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2.  However, when I was driving home from work, I heard the radio guy say the mall was going to have special visits from Disney Princesses.  They will have blow up castles and train rides all for FREE!!!!  As much as I try to avoid malls during family fun nights, this was a must attend.

It was crazy busy.  People EVERYWHERE!!!  One more great thing about big families though--we could all stand in different lines then call each other when one of us is getting close.  Some would say that it is cheating.  I say it's pure brilliance : ) .

J.D. definitely won--he was in the Rapunzel line FOREVER!

He is such a wonderful daddy he was happy to do it.

Ashlynn LOVED her legos and I loved that she had brothers who were so helpful with them.  Ashlynn brings so much joy to this family.  She is full of non-stop energy,  a little spoiled, at times a little naughty, but she is always  excited about life.  Ashlynn we LOVE you!!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Christmas eve 2013

 We all had so much fun on Christmas eve.  
 A family had us over with a bunch of others.  We all brought different foods and treats.  We ate and visited. Then the kids all did the CUTEST little program EVER!!!  It was so fun to watch all of them and I know the little kids all loved it also.

 Britton felt very important as you can see.
 After the little one the big kids did a program also.
 I LOVED all of it.  I LOVED all the little kids.  I loved the big kids.  I love Christmas and nice people who let me be part of their fun holiday traditions:).
 It was a great night and I know all the kids felt the spirit.

Merry Christmas to all.

Christmas from Dad!

 Obviously this picture doesn't have to do with Christmas.  FYI she is a senior!!!  How did that happen?? When did I get old enough for this??As I post all these pictures I am kinda sad at the fact that Alyssa is not in any of them. She was not in most the Halloween ones.  She is always gone to show choir or something.  Ashlynn is my baby I am with her always.  My oldest baby Alyssa is graduating this year and slowly disappearing from home.  I realize this is the way it is meant to be.  I realize as parents we would not want it any other way.  We want our children to grow up and leave the nest.  We want them to go to school, have goals and be successful.  As a mother however it does not make the fact that you miss them change.  It does not make that hole you feel in your heart at the very fact that this is happening, they are leaving and rarely around hurt any less.
 These 2 love treats as much as their momma does:).
 For Christmas this year my dad sent money to each of the kids to do some serve for someone else with.  We decided to help with the Christmas eve dinner at one of the shelters in town.
 We made lots of brownies and homemade rolls.  It was such a fun family project.
Thanks DAD for helping us be nice:).
 On Christmas eve we always open presents from Grandpa.  Ashlynn was very excited about her new shrinky dink machine.
 Britton has proved to be very talented with k nex.
 Daxons present seems kinda lame but truly he begged for them.  Slippers from american eagle.

 We got a steal of a deal on an under armor sweat shirt for Riley.  He has worn it most every day that it's not in the wash since.
 This girl is ALWAYS cold!!!! She received flannel sheets, sunglasses and lip gloss.

 Everyone had a grand time playing with the new gifts.  I am thinking next year however Dax might need the shrinky dink maker:).  That boy loves anything to do with detail.