Friday, January 31, 2014

Christmas from Dad!

 Obviously this picture doesn't have to do with Christmas.  FYI she is a senior!!!  How did that happen?? When did I get old enough for this??As I post all these pictures I am kinda sad at the fact that Alyssa is not in any of them. She was not in most the Halloween ones.  She is always gone to show choir or something.  Ashlynn is my baby I am with her always.  My oldest baby Alyssa is graduating this year and slowly disappearing from home.  I realize this is the way it is meant to be.  I realize as parents we would not want it any other way.  We want our children to grow up and leave the nest.  We want them to go to school, have goals and be successful.  As a mother however it does not make the fact that you miss them change.  It does not make that hole you feel in your heart at the very fact that this is happening, they are leaving and rarely around hurt any less.
 These 2 love treats as much as their momma does:).
 For Christmas this year my dad sent money to each of the kids to do some serve for someone else with.  We decided to help with the Christmas eve dinner at one of the shelters in town.
 We made lots of brownies and homemade rolls.  It was such a fun family project.
Thanks DAD for helping us be nice:).
 On Christmas eve we always open presents from Grandpa.  Ashlynn was very excited about her new shrinky dink machine.
 Britton has proved to be very talented with k nex.
 Daxons present seems kinda lame but truly he begged for them.  Slippers from american eagle.

 We got a steal of a deal on an under armor sweat shirt for Riley.  He has worn it most every day that it's not in the wash since.
 This girl is ALWAYS cold!!!! She received flannel sheets, sunglasses and lip gloss.

 Everyone had a grand time playing with the new gifts.  I am thinking next year however Dax might need the shrinky dink maker:).  That boy loves anything to do with detail.

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  1. I loved all these new posts. I can't wait to see you guys in a few months!!!!